Leader Resources and ideas

Here is the top question for most group leaders:  "What content should I use with my group?"  Most of what you'll find here are downloadable discussion question as well as a list of various resources available for check-out at Cottonwood.  You may also find some other resources that may be helpful to you as you lead a group at Cottonwood.  

If you are group leader and have discussion questions that you would like to share here, please email them to 

RESET - All 4 Discussions

Bible Studies on any book of the Bible are available by contacting Pastor Pat at the above email.

A list below includes other Home Group content:

I Love Sundays - 5 Discussions

Full of Life in a Crazy Busy World - 4 Discussions

Full of Life - Prayer - Just Sow it Bookmark

Colossians - (9 sessions) - Discussion Questions

Committed Relationships: Encouraging every married couple to be involved in transparent, committed relationships with other married people (6 Sessions) - Discussion Questions

Begin in Christ (4 sessions) - Discussion Questions to accompany booklet

Grow in Christ (4 sessions) - Discussion Questions to accompany booklet

Extreme Home Make-over: Re-tooling your Schedule, Finances, Emotions, Friendships (4 sessions) - Discussion Questions

Here is a list of Resources available for check out  by group leaders at Cottonwood (Contact Pastor Pat or the church office to check out):          

  • Discovering Your Spiritual Gift  (4 sessions) - DVD and Materials by Tom Dunham
  • Premeditated Parenting (6 sessions) - Book & Discussion Guide by Steve Nelson
  • His Needs, Her Needs (6 sessions) - DVD & Book & Discussion Questions
  • Love & Respect (8-12 sessions) Book & Materials by Emmerson Eggerichs
  • Growing up Whitney (10 sessions) - DVD, Book, Materials by Rick Whitney
  • Shepherding a Child's Heart (15 sessions) DVD by Ted Tripp Discussion Questions
  • Building Convictions (10 DVD's) by Herschel Martindale
  • Fireproof - Marriage Series (6 sessions) - Discussion Questions  (Accompanying movie clips found in Bonus Features of DVD) 
  • Revolutionary Parenting (8 Sessions) - DVD & book George Barna
  • When God's People Pray (6 sessions) - DVD by Jim Cymbala - Discussion Questions
  • Your Divine Design - Spiritual Gifts (8 Sessions) - DVD by Chip Ingram
  • Sacred Parenting - How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls (6 Sessions) - DVD by Gary Thomas
  • Love Talk (6 sessions) - DVD by Les & Leslie Parrott
  • Outflow - Everyday Outreach for Everyday People (5 sessions) - DVD 
  • The Way of the Master - Basic Training Course (8 sessions) by Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron
  • H2O - a Journey of Faith (10 sessions) DVD & Materials by Kyle Idleman
  • The Truth Project (12 sessions) DVD & Materials by Del Tackett
  • True U - 03 - Who is Jesus? (10 sessions) DVD & materials by Del Tackett